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There are more than 3 ways to have a doctor visit...

Find out how to get a free month of Unlimited Telemedicine Doctor Visits by paying a one time cost of $5.00

Has given Telehealth-Telemedicine

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has given Telehealth-Telemedicine NEW MEANING

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There is a lot of confusion about COVID-19 with few reliable answers. It's very important to get an understanding about what to do, however, your other health and illness issues still need attention.

What do you do if you need to see a doctor?

Many people believe there are only three ways to see a doctor... Find out your available options... watch the video, get more answers.

Don't travel unnecessarily
to have a doctor visit

You don't have to leave home to have a doctor visit. Go to the doctor's office without going to the doctor's office!

Have a Telemedicine Doctor Visit in Minutes

You can have a doctor visit in minutes, not days or weeks. without leaving home. It's personal, private, convenient with no risk, because there's no physical contact.​.​.​.​

WhatsUpDocConnect is a Telehealth-Telemedicine resource that people all over the US have come to rely upon, and now more than ever we are here for you 24/7

“Doctor Care, Anytime, Anywhere”

Doctors are available in all 50 states 
including the District of Columbia

Established 2016

A word from our CEO, Charles Hand

WhatsUpDocConnect was established in 2016, a resource that people all over the US have come to rely upon, and now more than ever we are here for you 24/7 providing doctor care anytime anywhere. 

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Improving our members' health by providing access to personal, private and convenient
doctor care anytime, anywhere is our mission.

In this time of uncertainty concerning the COVID-19 coronavirus one thing is for certain.
You can’t get the virus over the Internet or phone using WhatsUpDocConnect. 

In response to the coronavirus we are offering to anyone in the United States
a free month
of WhatsUpDocConnect.

Have a telemedicine doctor visit to asses your symptoms, or just answer any of your health related questions free for one month (all we ask is that you pay a one time registration of $5.00).

It is widely acknowledged that Virtual doctor care also known as telemedicine can be an effective way to evaluate and treat viruses from the comfort of one’s home.

Telemedicine doctor visits removes the various so-called pain points where it is possible to contract the COVID-19 coronavirus or other potentially contagious viruses because you are eliminating your exposure to sick people in waiting rooms of urgent care clinics, emergency rooms in hospitals or doctors offices. 

Before the coronavirus outbreak, people frequently dismissed common symptoms of mild respiratory congestion, cough, fever and body aches as signs of a common cold or flu.

Because the coronavirus shares many of the same symptoms as a cold and flu, the symptoms cause new concerns. 

WhatsUpDocConnect telemedicine is personal, private and convenient, it’s quick and easy.

Our telemedicine service saves you from taking time off from work or school, traveling to an office visit, or resorting to urgent care clinics and hospital emergency rooms, and also avoids the spread of disease to you from people who have minimal symptoms but can be infectious.

WhatsUpDocConnect encourages you to get early diagnosis. Our telemedicine service prevents exposure to the virus by keeping sick people away from you and your family.

Now, more than ever, it's important to maintain good health and to observe social distancing.
You can have a doctor visit for any of your non emergency health concerns using WhatsUpDocConnect telemedicine and get a prescription when needed without leaving home, or exposing yourself to unnecessary travel.

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Have a doctor visit immediately after you sign up... In minutes, not days or weeks!

No per visit fees, no additional charges...
Unlimited doctor visits by telephone or video chat, connect the way that works best for you!

Get a FREE MONTH of unlimited doctor visits
(all we ask is that you pay a one time $5.00 registration)

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